Starting Point

So my starting point actually started when I rode a route that started outside of my city on a regular bicycle route that I’ve taken in the past.  I changed up my ride so instead of the usual 33, I rode only 31 miles, I was in a time crunch and needed to wrap it … Continue reading Starting Point

Gearing Up

I’m back to let you know how I’m getting ready for this ride.  Well I already had a bike computer because I wanted to keep better track of how far as well as how fast/slow I ride.  I bought a rear adjustable pannier rack from Axiom but found a problem.  My rear wheel is only … Continue reading Gearing Up

The Big Plan

Okay so I’ve been talking about the big plan of what I’m wanting to do on my trike so I guess now is the time to tell you about it.  It is my goal to ride from San Antonio, Texas to a city not far from Los Angeles, California.  Why you may ask…for the adventure, because … Continue reading The Big Plan


So before I reveal my big idea, I though it might help to know where or what I’ve done to get to the big idea.  I remember being so excited when I drove up to test ride the tricycles.  I got to ride several different styles but the one thing that sold me on my … Continue reading Flashback

Hello Riders

So before we get started, let me first tell you that this site is not about the wonderful but short-lived television show, ‘Firefly’ or the movie that followed called ‘Serenity’, sorry to disappoint you.  Instead this is a tale of my travels and rides on ‘Serenity’ which is what I have named recumbent tadpole trike. … Continue reading Hello Riders