Make Up Miles

No I’m not talking about cosmetics, so don’t go freaking out on me and thinking that I got all girly on y’all.  Actually I’m talking about making up or maybe a better way to put it would be catching up on my route rides.  When I first decided that I was going to start this … Continue reading Make Up Miles

And Then There Was Rain

Just like the title suggests; and then there was rain, more rain and even more rain.  When I did my Junction ride it was March 29th and it continued to rain and rain and rain almost during the entire month of April. But during that time I went around and started thinking about things to … Continue reading And Then There Was Rain

Big Push

Well now I scouted out my route which was basically staying along the I-10 corridor, when we last left Serenity, her journey had taken her in the middle of downtown Boerne, TX.  Although I should have started in Boerne, I didn’t start there.  Instead I drove in my truck a little bit further to the … Continue reading Big Push

Riding Time Is Here

Okay so I’ve worked out most of my problems while riding but there is always room for improvement and I’m striving to improve my ride and my comfort. Let me first say that I still have one problem and that is still in the stage of fixing, just so you know it isn’t anything involving … Continue reading Riding Time Is Here

Working On Problems

Okay in my last post I mentioned that I was experiencing some problems when I rode an old route.  Yes it was good that I got 31 miles under my belt because the distance I rode then takes me outside of the city and out on the open road.  As you may remember though, I … Continue reading Working On Problems