Beyond Marathon

Okay so I finally made it back to the site and was kind of shocked that it took me so long to update things, one of the reasons is that I’m very easily distracted. So although I posted my ride in Marathon back in March of 2016, I had done the ride to Marathon back … Continue reading Beyond Marathon

Marathon Or Bust

Okay so this is a little bit deceiving, I did make it to Marathon, Texas back in July of 2015 but for some reason I forgot to post my ride.  So now let me tell you one thing, I did not properly prepare for this ride and it really showed. So I got off a … Continue reading Marathon Or Bust

Make Up Miles

No I’m not talking about cosmetics, so don’t go freaking out on me and thinking that I got all girly on y’all.  Actually I’m talking about making up or maybe a better way to put it would be catching up on my route rides.  When I first decided that I was going to start this … Continue reading Make Up Miles

And Then There Was Rain

Just like the title suggests; and then there was rain, more rain and even more rain.  When I did my Junction ride it was March 29th and it continued to rain and rain and rain almost during the entire month of April. But during that time I went around and started thinking about things to … Continue reading And Then There Was Rain