In Between Time

So this is about what I’m doing in between the time I finally get out on the road.  Last time I posted was back around September 2017 when I went to New Mexico to do a part of my journey towards California.  At the time I thought I was doing okay until I realized that … Continue reading In Between Time

Deming New Mexico

Yes after adding all of the local miles up, I’ve been able to place out a few miles and start my journey outside of Las Cruces. NM to Deming, NM.  I will say this much for most of the shoulder of the road on a major highway, there seems to be fewer blown out tires … Continue reading Deming New Mexico

Flat Tire City

Okay so after my ride from D’Hanis, TX where I got a flat tire 2 miles away from my final destination and had to go through a lot of help from strangers to get my truck and my trike all back to my home.  I decided to try to make another ride from my house … Continue reading Flat Tire City


Okay so don’t go and get excited, I didn’t go to Paris, France; instead I went to Paris, TX where I rode in their Tour de Paris bike rally on July 15th, 2017. I was going to help my brother in Ft Worth who needed the use of my truck but then my truck is … Continue reading Paris

Building Up Miles

So I got my new trike in and automatically I started calling her Serenity.  It gives me a peaceful feeling of serenity when I ride because of the wonderful full suspension on the trike.  So I started switching things over such as putting on the brace for my Veltop but then I realized that I … Continue reading Building Up Miles

Life Happens

Well just as I suspected, I was at my convention in Dallas when I got the call that my trike was in and waiting for me to come pick it up.  Well I took Amtrak to Dallas and I can’t take my trike on Amtrak, but the dealership said one of their people would be … Continue reading Life Happens

New Ride Ordered

Yeah I can’t believe it, I went and ordered a new trike.  don’t get me wrong, I love Serenity and I’ve put a lot of money into the extras that go with the bike but the truth of the matter is that Serenity (as lovely as she is) makes it a bit difficult to rent … Continue reading New Ride Ordered