Okay so don’t go and get excited, I didn’t go to Paris, France; instead I went to Paris, TX where I rode in their Tour de Paris bike rally on July 15th, 2017. I was going to help my brother in Ft Worth who needed the use of my truck but then my truck is … Continue reading Paris

Building Up Miles

So I got my new trike in and automatically I started calling her Serenity.  It gives me a peaceful feeling of serenity when I ride because of the wonderful full suspension on the trike.  So I started switching things over such as putting on the brace for my Veltop but then I realized that I … Continue reading Building Up Miles

Life Happens

Well just as I suspected, I was at my convention in Dallas when I got the call that my trike was in and waiting for me to come pick it up.  Well I took Amtrak to Dallas and I can’t take my trike on Amtrak, but the dealership said one of their people would be … Continue reading Life Happens

New Ride Ordered

Yeah I can’t believe it, I went and ordered a new trike.  don’t get me wrong, I love Serenity and I’ve put a lot of money into the extras that go with the bike but the truth of the matter is that Serenity (as lovely as she is) makes it a bit difficult to rent … Continue reading New Ride Ordered

Beyond Marathon

Okay so I finally made it back to the site and was kind of shocked that it took me so long to update things, one of the reasons is that I’m very easily distracted. So although I posted my ride in Marathon back in March of 2016, I had done the ride to Marathon back … Continue reading Beyond Marathon

Marathon Or Bust

Okay so this is a little bit deceiving, I did make it to Marathon, Texas back in July of 2015 but for some reason I forgot to post my ride.  So now let me tell you one thing, I did not properly prepare for this ride and it really showed. So I got off a … Continue reading Marathon Or Bust